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New era, new evolution.

In a constantly digitalizing world, we have come up with a technology-friendly solution to harmonize catering services. With Wizo, clients’ orders come right at you! You create a digital menu in the blink of an eye and as soon as you bring changes to your menu, they instantly show up on your clients’ smartphone. Basically, the most innovative welcome place that has ever been designed since the appearance of welcome places.

Adding another dimension to the concept of Customer Experience.

Our two applications instantly connect your establishment and your clientele. Your customers browse through your menu and send you orders via their smartphone, which you receive on your pro application. What if a customer is not familiar with our digital solution? You simply access the customer’s interface from your device and carry out its order.

You're going to love it when you see it.

We have imagined our interfaces with the belief that design changes the way we perceive the place in which we find ourselves. From its structural elaboration to its visual elaboration, each aspect has been painstakingly worked on. From color choice to ergonomics, nothing was left to chance, providing you with a design that is as surprising as it is intuitive.

A customizable menu, at all times.

The management space dedicated to professionals offers you the possibility to modify your products menu wherever and whenever you want. Create your categories, add products and product information at will. Prices, descriptions, formats, … anything that needs to be changed or added gets updated with just a click. Everything has been made simple, everything has been made possible.

A glimpse into the future, by the touch of a finger.

Meaningful encounters do not happen by chance .

Your establishment’s logo pops up on the app users’ mobile when they are close to you and your visibility increases dramatically. With the touch of a finger, users discover your establishment and are given directions as how to get there. Don't wait for customers to find you, find them.

You are going to have to learn to live with it, because they already love it.

Your digital menu is a unique way to satisfy your customers. On the app, your clients find all the information they need, without having to wait. As they are browsing, they discover your products and place their order. Your clients literally get quality customer service at their fingertips.

Versatile and much, much faster.

Understanding customer expectations, memorizing orders and all the while offering a flawless service, your organization skills always need to be at their best. Let us help you make daily tasks effortless, so you may focus on service delivery. With the "Take an Order" feature, make of notepads a thing of the past. In the blink of an eye, take orders from customers who do not use the application. Keep multitasking without having to make compromises on quality or style.

Less problems, more magic.

No more sticky cards or order errors. No more reprinting of menus with every slightest product change. Your customers know everything about your establishment and you know everything about your customers’ needs. You receive their orders in a chronological and detailed way on your device so to meet their needs immediately. That sounds incredible, right? Truth be told: it is.

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